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Recent and rapid advancements in machine learning has given rise to many applications of ML techniques to real world problems. The oil and gas industry, with its vast amount of subsurface data, is well positioned to leveraging these approaches to deliver significant benefit.

This subsurface data consists of measurements of physical properties gathered while drilling boreholes and are recorded in well logs, which are sequential records of properties recorded at regular depth increments. The well logs record raw measurements collected by various tools, and are naturally noisy, incomplete and sometimes some logs are omitted. …

The turning-point of life often comes at the most unexpected times.

2020 started with a lot of wishes, expectations as well as dedications. As a petroleum engineering student in his penultimate year, it was my SIWES year and I was so happy at the thought of the industrial training and I couldn’t wait to learn from engineers on the field.

Covid-19 came and everything changed.

The advent of COVID-19

Fast-forward to February 27, 2020, my country had it’s first case of corona virus, and all activities were stopped including educational activities and all the students were asked to return home. During my stay at home, I went back to python programming and data science just…

Building a Model That Can Predict Wine Variety in Order to Make Wine Selection and Purchase Easier

Hermes Rivera (

Wine is an alcoholic drink made from fermented juice grapes. There are different types of grapes, and these differences make wine tastes vary. The earliest known origin of wine was traced back to China. Since then, there has been so much reputation tied to knowing a wine quality. This could seem a bit difficult especially when one has an idea of the qualities needed in wine but doesn’t know the exact variety that matches such descriptions.

A wine sommelier (literally a wine steward), is someone who mixes wine and can tell the components of every wine tasted. They are very…


An outstanding petroleum engineering student with a cumulative 3 years of experience in Oil & Gas, Computer programming, Business Intelligence, and Data Science

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