2020, The Year of the Unexpected

The turning-point of life often comes at the most unexpected times.

2020 started with a lot of wishes, expectations as well as dedications. As a petroleum engineering student in his penultimate year, it was my SIWES year and I was so happy at the thought of the industrial training and I couldn’t wait to learn from engineers on the field.

Covid-19 came and everything changed.

The advent of COVID-19

Fast-forward to February 27, 2020, my country had it’s first case of corona virus, and all activities were stopped including educational activities and all the students were asked to return home. During my stay at home, I went back to python programming and data science just to kill boredom. Prior to 2020, in 2019, I learnt python programming from Navin Reddy on YouTube and I had a fair knowledge of data science from books and videos I collected from friends.


I am dedicating a section to Coursera because I can’t think of 2020 without Coursera. In march, I started auditing python, data science and machine learning courses on Coursera and it helped me understand a lot about data science and machine learning. Due to this, I developed a strong passion for machine learning and I couldn’t do without Coursera for a day.



In July, I got shortlisted for a six-month data science internship at Hamoye Ltd. During the internship, I got to work with amazing people and create amazing stuffs. The internship was a turning point in my career and I started thinking about machine learning from an industrial perspective and career point of view afterwards.

Machine Learning in Oil and Gas

Late September, I started researching about oil and gas operations and how machine learning can come into play. It wasn’t a smooth process, till I connected with Yohanes Nuwara on LinkedIn. I got to learn a lot from Yohane’s post, github repository and articles. I started working on petroleum projects afterwards.

In early November, I started teaching machine learning applications in the Petroleum Industry.

Sonic Log Prediction

Cloud Computing and End of Hamoye Internship

In December, my internship at Hamoye came to a close, I was shortlisted as one of top 30 interns in the internship. After the internship ended, I decided to evolve my machine learning career and I started learning cloud computing on Coursera afterwards.


First of all, I am grateful to God for all I achieved this year, I never expected a lot of these to happen.

I completed about 30 certified courses on Coursera, Udemy and several other platforms. It was really great, learning on these platforms.

I made a lot of great friends, study partners and mentors in the tech space.

2020 turned out great and I am proud of myself and all I achieved.

Special mention

A lot of people made my year wonderful. I appreciate the effort of everyone that have contributed to my growth this year.

Some of them are:

Dr. Olamigoke: My school lecturer, project supervisior and adviser.

Uwakmfon Utuk: My coursera study partner and fellow intern at Hamoye

Aiyeyemi Mosorire: My school colleague and project partner

Coursera: My partner, friend and teacher

An outstanding petroleum engineering student with a cumulative 3 years of experience in Oil & Gas, Computer programming, Business Intelligence, and Data Science

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